Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To: Make a Fishtail Braid

Seperate a side pony into 2 parts.

Take a small piece of hair from behind on side of hair.
(The smaller the better.)

Cross that small piece over and join it with the other side of hair.

Take a small piece of hair from the alternate side and cross it over to join with the first side.

It should start looking loose like this.

Just keep going. Like I said, it may take awhile, but the smaller the pieces you use, the cooler it turns out!

I like to use the smallest hair-tie I can find. Usually clear.

Mermaid Braid!

The best part about this braid is that it's ok to be messy! I even like to pull it apart a little afterwards to give it more of a beachy mermaid look. It takes longer than a normal braid but it's well worth it.

My fishtail braid made me smile all day and I hope it makes you too.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Will try that soon! Love your "welcome note": tall glass of wine on the rocks, please"! Haha, mine would be "Whisky-Cola without whisky, please!"


  2. Followed purely for this guide, where have you been all my life! Brilliant!
    Morning boredom = SPOKEN FOR.

  3. i like it a lot. i actually braid my hair daily - more comfortable than regular ponytail.

  4. heyyy is that my tiffany's necklace becasue if you found it I would really love it back!

  5. ^^^^ with love from steph ^^

  6. Awesome!!... I have not enough hair but I love braids.... <3