Saturday, January 2, 2010

Have fun, Be free.

I feel EXACTLY the way Summer does from 500 Days of Summer.
Why can't we just have fun and not make everything so messy and complicated?
Being happy is all that matters, and when you put a label on something it is just another thing that can be taken away from someone.
So here's to all the commitment-phobes...cheers to being your own person.
It reminds me of the dream Char has from Paper Heart, yet another sappy indie film...
"The other night I had this dream and I was on the stage when a spotlight hit me. I looked down and was wearing this beautiful pink dress and my hair was all blond and curly. I tried to perform a song but it didn't work. It was like I lost my zing....I've never been one of the girls, you know. I mean I wanna be his girlfriend, but I don't wanna be the girlfriend. I mean, noone ever remembers the girlfriend."

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