Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Heart my boys!

This made my day. My pretend family is so cute.

Facebook Lacey Marie: "Lacey Marie is at work but can't wait to get off to go on adventures with my children, Thomas Joseph Culler, Jesse Walsh, and Eben Adrian Oroz. Work can suck it.
-Kelsey Phillips likes this.
-Ashley Peacock: If I ever make it back from Boca today, can I be your baby, too?
-Thomas Joseph Culler: CHILDREN!?!?
-Thomas Joseph Culler: Steph should come!
-Stephanie Hill: you are the cutest family ever!
-Jesse Walsh: Wheres daddy?
-Eben Adrian Oroz: im the baby!!!!!
-Lacey Marie: you're father is edward cullen, and u are his bastard children. its ok moommy loves u all! "

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