Wednesday, November 11, 2009

nights of mayhem

Consumption of copious amounts of alcohol at Jesse's house is always a good idea.

Tom had his head glued to the toilet within the first two hours of course.

I feared for my life when the boys started tazering eachother's balls and betting on who could tazer me.

See the one in the middle front, there's a bite out of the corner.

To six very hungry drunkards, stumbling upon this at our pinnacle of drunkenness was like Christmas morning. Six delicious, unpackaged, toasty, gooey-filled Poptarts already in the toaster...MAGICAL.
After all that had gone on, this is what Ian chose to be pissed about.
Ian is Jesse's brother, who had been trying to have "quiet alone time" with his girlfriend the whole night. We proceeded to explain to Ian that poptarts are prepackaged with 2 per person which means he couldn't possibly need all six of them, but he didn't care, he sat and ate all six of them by himself like a little fat fatty.
Louis took a bite out of ONE of the SIX poptarts, and that is why we won't be allowwed back to drink at Jesse's for awhile.
People are fucking weird.

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