Monday, April 12, 2010

True Believer for Life

The Bouncing Souls' new album Ghosts on the Boardwalk is a little soft for the usual hardcore punkers that might prefer a little more oldschool versions of them like Maniacal Laughter or The Bad, the Worse, and the Out of Print. They've definately been facing harsh scrutiny from their fans ever since The Gold Record came out. If you want "Mommy, Can I go out and Kill Tonight?", listen to their old albums. I'll take them both, because the truth is they are doing what every good band eventually does- they get old and mature. They are no longer having a "Party at 174" or wondering "who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof?" They are falling in love and reflecting on the past with nostalgia and serenity.

It makes me wonder when I'll ever hit that mark, when everything seems to fall into place.

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